THIS CLASS HAS BEEN POSTPONED as a result of Paypals change of their financial policies, which affect my ability to refund registrations immediately (21 day waiting period)  This does not work for I will find another way.

I will be available by appointment for critique and suggestions  until September 1st. 2023


barbara sparks

Watercolor artist and teacher

$135.00.  Full refund available at any time before the class starts

Happy Painting!
Barbara Sparks

1404 E. Crestview Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

ZOOM CLASS (I KNOW...An inside class to paint outdoors!  What?)

July 24, 31, & August 7th. 9 am to 12:30 pm 

Custom Video available for one year

Class 1: 

  • A simple set up:  easy-to-carry equipment - some tricks to get you started
  • A little-bit different color palette
  • Finding the right subject matter
  • Preparing to paint
  • A hint about line quality

Class 2:

  • Easy perspective methods to use on site
  • Touching on composition - how much is needed?
  • What elements of art should you keep in mind?  (There are so many!)

Class 3:

  • How to handle some difficult elements in nature
  • Figures in landscapes