THIS CLASS HAS BEEN POSTPONED as a result of Paypals change of their financial policies, which affect my ability to refund registrations immediately (21 day waiting period)  This does not work for I will find another way.

Happy Painting!
Barbara Sparks

1404 E. Crestview Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

I will be available by appointment for critique and suggestions  until September 1st. 2023


ZOOM CLASS (I KNOW...An inside class to paint outdoors!  What?)

July 24, 31, & August 7th. 9 am to 12:30 pm 

Custom Video available for one year

Class 1: 

  • A simple set up:  easy-to-carry equipment - some tricks to get you started
  • A little-bit different color palette
  • Finding the right subject matter
  • Preparing to paint
  • A hint about line quality

Class 2:

  • Easy perspective methods to use on site
  • Touching on composition - how much is needed?
  • What elements of art should you keep in mind?  (There are so many!)

Class 3:

  • How to handle some difficult elements in nature
  • Figures in landscapes

$135.00.  Full refund available at any time before the class starts

barbara sparks

Watercolor artist and teacher