This is a list of supplies I have developed which will serve you well, no matter what your watercolor project may be.  Start with *green ones.  Then, move to additional convenience colors

Some are better purchased on line. 

http://www.dickblick.com  (fastest delivery)


Get these from on-line suppliers

PAINTS - from Winsor Newton(to save money, you can purchase only supplies in *green, and you will be fine.)  I find Winsor Newton paints very reliable.  Stick with the professional grade.

ESSENTIAL WARM AND COOL COLORS (Daniel Smith has an "Essential Watercolor Set with all these first 6 colors...about the same price.)

*Winsor Newton Winsor Lemon Yellow
*Winsor Newton Permanent Rose
*Grumbacher Thalo Blue

*Winsor Newton Scarlet Lake
*Winsor Newton New Gamboge

*Winsor Newton French Ultramarine Blue


Winsor Newton Quinacridone Gold
Winsor NewtonViridian or Winsor Green Blue Shade - different than blue-green shade
Daniel Smith Sap Green
Winsor Newton Winsor Violet or Dioxanine Violet
Winsor Newton Sepia
Winsor Newton Paynes Grey
Winsor Newton Raw Sienna
Winsor Newton Burnt Sienna or Daniel Smith Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Winsor Newton Cobalt Blue

DaVinci Manganese Blue
Winsor Newton Winsor Orange

Winsor Newton Alizarin Crimson

Winsor Newton Permanent White Gouache

PAPER - *Arches (Do not substitute)  140# cold press.  (I buy 22 inches by 30 inches and cut it up.)

(I have tried these brushes, and they are a good starter brush)
*Blick Golden Taklon - Round, #4, #8, #14;  1/2" and 1" flat.  Robert Simmons works well, also.  Hobby Lobby's best watercolor brushes are good also to start with.

PALETTE - *Mijello travel palette (scroll down to see how I arrange my palette) 

Saral graphite transfer paper
Pebeo Gum Resist  (They call it drawing gum.  Be sure you get this brand)
Holbein Sprayer​

Supplies you can find at Hobby Lobby or Walmart

Rubber Cement Remover  (Looks like a little rubber square - in with glues at Hobby Lobby)
Kneaded eraser
Fine Mist Sprayer
Small Nozzle Bottle
White Pastel pencil
Synthetic and Natural Sponge
Palette knife

Supplies you can find at home or the grocery store

*Viva Paper Towels or Kleenex type tissue with no perfume)
Dish Soap or bar soap (very small amount)
Utility knife
Fine Point pen
Magic Eraser Cleaning Pad
Fine tip Sharpie
Scotch magic tape

Two small water containers, about the size of a 1-pint jar.

barbara sparks

Watercolor artist and teacher